I am trying to print a document but the Kiosk is asking for a print voucher.

Please go see Kiosk support staff for instructions on how to purchase a print voucher

Do I have to provide my name when purchasing a new print voucher?

You are not required to provide your name when purchasing a new voucher. However, in the event you lose or forget your voucher, the Kiosk support staff may be able to help you better.

May I use the print voucher more than once?

The Kiosk with charge you only for the pages you have printed. If there are any monies left on the voucher you purchased, they may be used next time you need to print. You may want to write the voucher number somewhere safe for future reference.

I have fewer pages left on the voucher than the document I want to print.

The Kiosk support staff will be able to add more pages to your voucher.

I lost or cannot remember my print voucher with unused monies, what do I do?

Please see the Kiosk support staff for further assistance, if you provided your name when you purchased the voucher, the staff may be able to reissue your voucher.